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Diploma in Filmmaking: Four Months: Weekend

Filmmaking is the highest form of creative expression where you can present your stories to the whole world by creating stunning visuals, combine with Music and Lighting. This course is suitable for young creative minds who want to make a career in the field of Film Direction. You would be able to write, direct, edit a film after this course (More details at website and our DIFM campus).

Diploma in Photography: Six Months: Weekend

Photography is the most sought after creative profession across the world & this Diploma exposes the Photography Aspirants to Various Genre of Photography like Street, Fashion, Wedding, Candid, Portrait, Product, Landscape, Architectural. Along with photography, you would be taught in Cinematography as well as Video Editing.

Professional Certificate in Fashion Photography: Four Months: Weekend

This is high action packed course where you would be taught from absolute basics to most advance concepts. You would be exposed to Basics, Foundation, Advance & Professional level concepts with exposure to Studio lighting so that you can start taking assignments after finishing this course. You are provided with additional workshops in Fashion, Product, Street, Candid, and Portrait Photography to build your portfolio. Additionally students would be taught post processing softwares like Photoshop, Lightroom & Camera raw.

Pro Wedding Photographer: Three Months: Weekend

Wedding photography is the most demanding form of Photography; weddings are 10 billion dollar industry where demand of skill photographers is very much visible. No matter if you are a complete amateur or a seasonal photographer, if you want to quick start your career in Wedding Photography; this is the most sought after course in INDIA. You would be given live practical sessions and workshops which are focused on wedding environment. You will do pre wedding, Portrait & Posing shoot with Models so that you can perform in real wedding afterwards. You will be learning to edit your portfolio in Photoshop & Lightroom, & Submit for final certification. You can apply for an internship after this course in Wedding Industry.

Pro Wedding Cinematographer: Three Months: Weekend

The trend of Cinematic Wedding Videos is highly popular and there is a lot of demand of skill cinematographers who can conceptualize and create stories in Weddings. This course is suitable for both beginners and seasonal photographers who wish to upgrade their skills and wish to kick start their career in Wedding Cinematography. Not only you will be taught technical rules of cinematography but you would also be given workshop in Manual & Electronic Gimbals, Sliders and other form of equipment for practical training. You will be learning to edit your videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, & Submit for final certification. You can apply for an internship after this course in Wedding Industry.

Certificate in Photography: One Month: Weekend

 A practical course, ideal for anyone who wants to start developing skills in Photography where you are exposed to Basics, Foundation and Advance level Concepts.

Our Mission

We are committed to bring the best  filmmaking skills in every student. We are the first of its kind film school which provides practical and market ready courses for amateur and turn them into professionals. We would encourage you to check the details and visit our centre to see the infrastructure and equipments.   

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